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Workshop from October 30th until November 6th

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Currently available Events

Anmeldung (egal welches Event): HIER


    International Motivational Weekend (Party Weekend) in Athens, Greece from December 2nd until December 4th


    Located on the slope of mountain Parnassus, Delphi is a perfect destination for the first days of December. You will be able to try our traditional dishes, see the beautiful city and the ancient monuments. During the night you will have your chance to get crazy and party and taste traditional greek drinks, such as “ouzo” and “raki”, coming from the bar. In this way, you will, in fact, live your myth in Delphi.

    Deadline: 20th October



    Workshop in Munich, Germany from December 4th until December 11th


    This workshop will be all about engineering in its most crucial setting: life-saving technologies! Learn about minimal invasive surgery methods and other cutting edge biomedical technologies. With Christmas just around the corner Munich will show its beautiful winter side with the traditional „Christkindlmarkt“. Also be prepared for our Christmas edition of the city rally containing, but not limited to, a lot of delicious hot spicy wine. Of course you will also experience the Bavarian way of life, hospitality and Munich's great nightlife.

    Deadline: 30th October

    IMW (Party Weekend) in Munich, Germany from December 9th until December 11th


    Best opportunity for newbies: 

    - Only a weekend

    - Cheap travel (15 Euro one-way .. so 30 Euro total for the travels)

    - Close city so not too long travel time (around 3-4 hours) 

    - In case of not very good english-knowledge perfect solution (german LC)

    Deadline: November 27th


  • GoldenEve

     IMW (Party Weekend) in Krakow, Poland from December 29th until January 1st



    This time I’m sending you for a strictly undercover mission in Central Europe, in the midst of the polish mountains. The target is highly secured Soplica transport. It requires cooperation with agents from all over Europe during the ‘The world is not enough’ game, the ‘Casino Royale’ operation and the ‘Hazel Eye’ challenge. You will be provided with all necessary gadgets and combat rations* . I expect you to undertake one of the side activities: reconnaissance in the most popular polish brewery in Żywiec, sliding on a ski slope undetected by the enemy or keeping a low profile in your hideout. Take your exquisite suits and dresses. You will need them to blend in during the New Year’s Eve gala.


    Deadline: 3rd November


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